If you’re happy and you know it

Happiness. Is it really all we want? To be happy? We do so many things in the “Pursuit of Happiness.” I’ll be happy if… I get a job Change jobs Lose weight Quit this exercising to lose weight Get married Am no longer married Have kids If the kids will grow up and leave the house If I buy this If I get a...

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Dave’s Blog: Periscope vs. Meerkat: Why A Platform Matters

Several month’s ago, I heard one of my favorite authors/bloggers/social media guys, Gary Vaynerchuck (that’s VAY-NER-CHUCK) gone on and on about a new app called Meerkat. It allowed for live streaming of video through the app to the social-sphere via twitter. The idea was simple, yet powerful. We even used the app to broadcast live at a trade show for some of our...

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Dave’s Blog: Resurrecting Customer Service

A friend of mine overheard a conversation in the lobby of a local business recently. A man was asking about the delivery of a requested product and the receptionist, the chief of first impressions, was less than understanding. “We don’t even know what your house looks like,” the receptionist said. The defensiveness in the tone of the receptionist caused the customer to raise...

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Dave’s Blog: When We Get Behind Closed Doors

The old Charlie Rich song was talking about the “benefits” of closed doors — especially in the realm of relationships. However, in business, closed doors are often more trouble than they are worth. When a leader takes someone behind closed doors on campus, it can create a flurry of speculation — rarely good speculation. A closed door brings a sense of negativity. When a...

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Dave’s Blog: Simply Serve

I was cleaning out some old items from my office shelf this morning and ran across an old edition of the Minden Press-Herald, a newspaper that has been in my family for four generations. It was a commemorative edition, marking the opening of their new facility in 1986. As I scanned the pages from “yesteryear,” I ran across the following headline: “Spechts believe...

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Dave’s Blog: I Suck at Follow Through

While traveling with a colleague recently, we began discussing the strengths and weaknesses of team members. Each member brings a unique strength to the team, but also has weaknesses that sometimes frustrate the other members. When it got to my name, this colleague didn’t pull any punches. “Dave, you are a great idea man, but you sometimes suck at follow through.” “Yeah. I...

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Dave’s Blog: You Are A Chief. Start Acting Like It

There is a saying that usually used as a negative, “Too many chiefs and not enough indians. ” Generally, this statement is used to describe a situation where too many people are trying to take the lead in an organization or a project. To avoid this, many people shy away from the idea of leadership, thinking they can “just follow.” This is one problem...

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Dave’s Blog: It Is The Relationship, Stupid

I recently had the opportunity to visit with a colleague from another industry. Our discussion was lively and informative. We talked about everything from the changing markets in our respective industries to the lack of branding some areas have. As the discussion went along, I made the statement, “There is just no substitute for relationship.” “You are absolutely right,” she said. The statement,...

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