When telecommuting isn’t enough

Some people may consider telecommuting part of their “dream job” scenario. After all, they can work from home and still have a meaningful impact in their chosen profession. With instant messaging, video conferencing and “net meetings,” the need for actually “going to work” somewhere is fading. But, is that a good thing? “And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people...

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Sell the Sizzle, But Make Sure the Steak Tastes Good Too

A convenience store I frequent near my office is located next door to a Burger King® fast food restaurant. From time to time, you can smell the flame broiler cooking burgers as the place gets ready for lunch rush. That smell is enough to make anyone hungry for a Whopper®. In fact, there are time I have left the convenience store, smelled that...

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If you’re happy and you know it

Happiness. Is it really all we want? To be happy? We do so many things in the “Pursuit of Happiness.” I’ll be happy if… I get a job Change jobs Lose weight Quit this exercising to lose weight Get married Am no longer married Have kids If the kids will grow up and leave the house If I buy this If I get a...

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Some advice for my Millennial friends

I remember when I was the “young guy at the office.” I was too tall, too skinny and too inexperienced to be taken very seriously. It was a frustrating time, because I truly felt I had a lot to offer. As a young person, I made plenty of mistakes, both personally and professionally. For the older leaders, these mistakes only proved what they...

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The right trade association can make all the difference

Nearly a decade ago, America experienced the worst natural disaster in its history. When Hurricane Katrina came ashore just east of New Orleans, it left an unprecedented amount of damage in its path. Just when we thought the worst was over, levees broke along Lake Ponchartrain, flooding New Orleans and many of the surrounding communities.  Even today, the scars of Katrina are still very...

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What to do when you don’t think you have enough followers

If I were to compare myself to Michael Hyatt, I would feel pretty inadequate. Michael’s “Intentional Leadership” blog has more than 365,000 total subscribers. I have 41 (as of this writing). His blog averages more than 302,000 unique visitors per month. Mine averages 1,175. Michael has nearly 167,000 Twitter followers. I have 383. Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t depressing at all....

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Touches: Your Story vs. Their Story

I once heard Seth Godin say, “They aren’t rejecting you. They are rejecting your story.” As someone who is in the sales business (and aren’t we all?) I began to think long and hard about “my story.” We all have a narrative continuously running in our heads. This narrative can influence us in many ways. It can cause us to prejudge (fairly and...

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What not to say while you are on vacation

While vacationing with my family at the home of my sister-in-law and her husband, I tried to disconnect as much as possible. That being said, I found myself checking emails each morning and forwarding things to be handled, etc. in my absence. This routine left the rest of my day to enjoy time away from work. One morning, while checking his email, my...

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