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Business Lead Extractor (Pre-Activated)



To whom?

This tool is specially designed for web designers, graphic designers, email marketers, WhatsApp marketers, SMS marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, marketing agencies, and others who like to collect business details on Google.

Note:  For example, you can get details about hotels located in a certain area by typing them as “hotels” through this tool. But it is difficult to get information about people who are looking for information about hotels.

Through this information, you can earn a lot of income by creating websites, doing marketing and promotion work, etc. for the relevant organizations.

Watch the video below to see how this works.

What is Lead Extractor?

Lead Extractor helps you to search and extract thousands of businesses leads live from web which captures Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Email and Social profiles. It is a must have software for anyone who would like to target businesses.


Who can use Lead Extractor? Is it right for me?

Lead Extractor is a highly targeted business extraction software which can be used and loved by marketing agencies, freelancers, sales & marketers, business owners, business development, digital marketing consultants whoever wants to targeted businesses to sell their products & services.


How quality is the extracted results?

We extract all the contact details along with the source URL, mostly on LinkedIn. So you no need to worry about the data quality.


Are there any specific usage limits on lead extraction?

No, you can do unlimited keyword searches & export unlimited data for your campaign requirement. But not recommended use to build a mass database for reselling. We developed this software to help & support small and medium businesses to generate leads by themselves without spending huge money.


Is there a refund available after purchase?

Sorry refund not available for this software as we offer unlimited lead extraction and export once purchased.


Can I install this software on MAC?

No, as of now this software was designed and developed for Windows OS as a desktop application. Soon we get you an update for MAC.


Package Includes:

  • Business Lead Extractor (Pre-Activated)


How It’s Works?

Watch this Video

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